What is Cheerleading?

Having recently been recognised by the International Olympic Committee as a sport, All Star Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. With a background in gymnastics, dance and acrobatic skills, cheerleading is an inclusive sport for all ages and abilities. It develops strength, flexibility and fitness in a supportive team environment.

Cheerleading is a performance-based sport that incorporates stunting, jumps, tumbling and dance in an exciting two and a half minute routine performed for a panel of judges.

How we do it

Competitive program

We offer competitive teams from Tiny Novice through to Open 5.

Whatever age or experience level, we have the right team for you or your child.


Tumbling Classes – For beginner to advanced tumblers.
Flyte School – Start your journey to becoming an All Star Cheerleader!
Cheer Ability – Our special needs cheer and dance program has been developed in collaboration with a special needs sports educator.
Tiny Cheer – For your energetic 3-5 year old!
Open Gym – Come stunt, tumble and hang with your friends in a fun and safe environment! (Supervised, self-directed session)
Private Tumbling – work one-on-one with your specialist tumbling coach to achieve your personal tumbling goals!

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