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The CA coaching staff are all current and past athletes who have been trained by Hannah from a young age. Here at CA Flyers, we are a family and we welcome you into this wonderful sport and positive cheerleading environment!

Hannah Winter
Head Coach / Owner

Coach Sarah

I am a high school teacher. I teach dance, health and physical education. I am passionate about health and wellbeing and love to lead, motivate and educate young people. I began my cheerleading journey as Hannah’s student, participating in cheerleading at Greenwood College. From there, I began training and coaching at CA Flyers when the club first began in 2013. I have coached both school teams and competitive CA teams throughout my time at the club. I have coached all levels, from Level 1 through to my current team, Senior Level 5. As an athlete I have loved everything that this sport brings; athleticism, determination, hard work, teamwork and trust. My most memorable moment as an athlete was competing at the World Summit competition in Orlando. As a coach, my most memorable moment was Altitude placing 2nd at the Australian Pinnacle in Melbourne. I look forward to what this season holds, bring on 2022!

Coach Meg

My coaching journey began in 2014 with high school teams before jumping into All Star coaching when CA Flyers expanded. This expansion gave me the opportunity to coach a variety of teams, from Youth 1 to Senior Coed 3 and recently Open and Senior Level 5. Every year I aim to expand my knowledge of the sport and build a strong rapport with all my athletes, by providing a safe and nurturing environment. I believe that trust between an athlete and coach is fundamental to not only grow skills but also work ethic and resilience, things that I hope will translate into their everyday lives outside of gym also.

Coach Kat

I have been involved in the cheerleading world for 14 years. I first got involved when I started getting bored of gymnastics and my gymnastics club started doing cheerleading. I absolutely fell in love with the sport…and the rest is history! My very first Nationals as an athlete was in Sydney on 2008. Since then I have competed multiple times at national and international events. In 2019 I travelled to Florida with CA Flyers as part of team ‘Stealth’ to compete at Summit. In 2021 I competed at the IASF Virtual Worlds with ‘Alpha’. I started coaching competitive cheerleading in 2013 at Hampton Senior High School, a program started by Hannah. Since then I have coached multiple school and All Start teams, and travelled to national events with many of these teams. As a coach, I thrive on seeing the development and progression of athletes, whether it’s individual skills, team skills or accomplishments outside of cheer. I also love seeing the succession of a team from the start to the end of a season. 

Coach Bridgette

I am the Tumbling Director and Cheerability coach at CA Flyers. You’ve probably seen me running around after my herd of Tiny’s! This is my 15th year of cheerleading, moving to CA Flyers in 2015. Cheerleading had given me so many great opportunities such as travelling to Hawaii, Florida and all around Australia to compete. I came to cheerleading after having a background as a national level gymnast and power tumbler. I am so passionate about the work I do with CA Flyers and am lucky to pass on my love and knowledge of the sport to a new generation of athletes. I hope they can experience the same joy and confidence that cheerleading has bought me. 


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